The internet is everywhere. In fact, it's difficult to start and run a company these days without an informative internet site. To increase their internet presence, many companies in the food industry are incorporating some kind of streaming video on their sites.

Advances in technology have put this streaming ability in reach of even the most basic of web site designers. This rapidly changing climate has put more and more pressure on companies to include this kind of content. If you question this at all, just take a few minutes and visit the sites of your favorite food magazine, newspaper food section or food or appliance manufacturer. So the obvious question becomes "How do I make video that stands out?"

This is where AirTyme Corporation fits in. The first and still the leader in the field of food media training, AirTyme has been teaching the top guns in food media for over twenty five years, so it made perfect sense for us to take what we have learned in relation to food on television and apply it to the dynamic new field of food video on the internet.

There are plenty of differences between these forms, so AirTyme has broken new ground with it's internet food video program. You may be trained in our facility or we can bring the training to yours.  We can work with your  production team to assist in the directing and editing of your videos.  We can help you break down your script to maximize effectiveness of the video.

Including video on your site helps position you at the front of the pack. But this new technology comes with a price...never before have visitors to your site been able to get as detailed and as clear a picture of what you have to offer. Make sure their first impression is ALL they need. Separate yourself from everyone else in your field and put your most professional foot forward. Let AirTyme help you with your internet food video content.