For the past twenty five years, Lou Ekus & AirTyme Corporation has been training the movers & shakers of the culinary world to be prepared for any type of spotlight. Whether it's a culinary television show, cookbook launch, public speaking engagement, sales presentation or any other event that puts you in front of the public or the media, AirTyme's training programs are essential.

AirTyme=s programs have evolved through the years staying current with the ever-changing world of media.  One thing that has always stayed the same, though, is the personalized approach of AirTyme's training methods, tailored to each individual. We focus on you so you gain confidence and an understanding of how to develop and perfect your message.  These powerful communication skills will be beneficial in your personal life as well as your professional life.

At AirTyme Corporation, each of our programs are personalized and designed for each client.  We take your needs and focus our program to meet those needs.  If it is a specific campaign that the company is starting up, we get you or your staff prepared and inspired.  If you want to polish your own personal front-of-the-camera skills, we will make you camera-ready.  Sessions can also be designed for groups, with or without individual cooking demonstration work, or as lecture style presentations. Receive your training in the privacy of our 200+ year old mill in Montague, Massachusetts, or with our "traveling studio" in the security of your own space, allowing you to be comfortable while you learn and practice your new media skills. 

"Thanks again for all your help, I would never have landed this show [Cooking Live] without you"
Sara Moulton, Executive Chef, Gourmet Magazine & Food Network Star