Not so long ago, when a reporter came to the restaurant, it was the GM or the owner they were looking for. Not true anymore. As a food professional these days, being confident  and comfortable talking to that reporter, customers, or getting up in front of that audience is as important as knife skills. Doing effective media interviews is all about good communication and good communication can take you a long way. Take advantage of AirTyme's 25+ years of experience teaching these skills to the best of the best in our two day, one-on-one, information packed basic training.

As part of learning how to craft your message and get it heard, you will be in front of the camera, finding your comfort zone while taping and then critiquing actual cooking segments.  

You will learn how to:
  • Get regional media interested in interviewing you.
  • Tailor your demos for the local market,
  • Select recipes and how to break them down for your demo,
  • Understand the interview process and how to make it work for you,
  • Cook and speak simultaneously,
  • Learn how to control the interview (Keep the duck!),
  • Studio Zen:  how to feel comfortable in the studio and making it your own,
  • Develop and communicate vital message points,
  • Field difficult media questions,
  • Dress for TV,
  • And so much more…
If you are going to host a show, we can focus your training on the additional skills necessary to:
  • handle speaking directly to the camera,
  • reading from the prompter and speaking naturally,
  • how you can carry a show on your own,
  • and how to get the best out of your guests.
Our fees are $3000.00 for the one-on-one, two-day program.  Your expenses for travel, accommodations, food prep and ingredients are additional.  Corporate rates are $3500 a day for three or more trainees.

We are also available to travel to your facility.  In this case, AirTyme's travel and accommodations are additional.

The full two day one-on-one training is vital to get the full benefit from this program and we only offer one day trainings to our returning clients or for those who will not be cooking on camera.