AirTyme's media training program was originally developed for the food world. Quickly, as our success grew, non-food clients were asking to learn the same skills in relation to their chosen professions.

Learn how to juggle the different aspects of well-done media.  What do you want people to perceive about you?  Control the flow of each interview, bridge to your important messages and have the audience listening and hearing you. Butterflies in your tummy?  Practice & you will learn how to harness them and use these butterflies to your benefit. 

This one-day session is for the non-food professional who needs to become proficient in media skills for interviews, business meetings, presentations, public speaking or whatever else puts them in front of an audience.

During your training, you will be in front of the camera, finding your comfort zone while taping and critiquing several interviews or presentations.

You will learn how to:
  • Understand the interview process and how to make it work for you,
  • Develop and communicate vital message points,
  • Field difficult media questions,
  • Learn to control the interview,
  • Using stories make your point,
  • Dress for the occasion,
  • Keep your audience engaged,
  • And much, much more....         
Our fee is $2000.00 for the one-on-one, one-day program for the non-food professional in your facility or in AirTyme's.  Corporate rates are $3500 a day for three or more attendees.  Expenses for travel & accommodations are additional.